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[ girl ] the first time i saw fios' picture... remember? it was so awesome. crystal clear. it was crystal clear. ...i was just awestruck. [ male announcer ] don't wait. switch to fios for just $79.99 a month for one year with no annual contract required. this offer is only available online. cable, hasta la vista. [ male announcer ] visit that's contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. you should totally get fios. [ male announcer ] welcome to the speed you need. welcome to life on fios. >> you are watching wbal tv 11. this is of revenues at 6:00 p.m. >> our big story is the big event happening downtown, the cranberry -- grand prix.
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[unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] >> the weekend has been a success. they admit there has been some challenges. there were bombs in the course. crews worked to smooth things out. there was a nine-car pileup due to aggressive pileups, not bumps. everyone is ok. i asked about attendance. they will not release the figures. they say there are police so far. they will not make much money off of this race. >> our role model is -- it is in its 35th year. it is revitalized -- it has
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revitalized long beach. it could do this for baltimore and the east coast. >> andretti marketing and his companies have promised to pay the city and state the money they are owed for hosting this state. as opposed to what happened last year. coming up at 11:00, we will talk about the impact this is having on the surrounding businesses. live in downtown. wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. they have been so lucky with the weather. there were concerns of rain. >> we had a few, little light showers. little drops. we have heavier stuff going on west of the city. it came around 5:20.
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the northwest portion of caroling county. the map shows northwest carroll county. it will expire at 6:00. there is still lay cell -- a strong thunderstorm cell. it is on-again, off-again. that is moving to the south east at about 50 miles per hour. it is isolated. there is intense rain and lightning with it. that will move across the city and the next 30 minutes. the areas of rain are pre minimum. the area will expand this weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. >>♪ >> the orioles are spending labor day weekend in the bronx trying to erase the yankees'lead
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. >> it is fun to take part in think about the orioles playing baseball that matters. it was a dominating win last night against the yankees. they built a 3-0 lead. the orioles hit into three double plays. a rare second half of the season error. rare from j.j. hardy. that a lot of the winning run to score. they had won 13 games in a row. coming up later, we will hear from buck showalter. >> it is been a busy 24-hours for fire and police officials. there was an early morning fire
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that left one person dead. crews responded to the 15,000 block of holbrook street in east baltimore. investigators say crews found the body of a man inside the home. he was pronounced dead on the scene. the man was well known in the neighborhood. >> he was a good guy. a real good guy. everyone in the neighborhood helped him -- love him. i loved him. the whole neighborhood knew him well, police say while searching the building when fire fighter fell through the floor into the basement was not hurt. an hour earlier, city police responded to a shooting in the 1300 block of lake ave. they found 22-year-old darrien jackson suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to hop in hospital where he died. -- hopkins hospital where he
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died. baltimore county police are investigating two stabbings. one in the 500 block of eastern boulevard. they found 25-year-old suffering multiple stab runs in the parking lot. he was taken to bayview medical center, where he died. they arrested the suspect at the scene. they knew each other. officers were called to the 7100 block of darlington drive. police found a 38-year-old. he was an employee at the bar. he was stabbed while breaking up a fight between two patrons. jones was taken to the hospital where he died. still ahead, it is a weakened from one convention to the other. with the presidential candidates went. the food is the highlight of a
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state fair.
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>> nearly 400,000 people are without power in louisiana and as a result of hurricane isaac. dozens of utility trucks from across the country went to help. about 70% of the city still is without electricity. in the race for the white house, mitt romney is back on the campaign trail in ohio. romney told a large crowd his agenda will bring a winning season back to america. president obama spent his saturday and another key battleground states, iowa, talking about moving the country
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forward. the democratic national convention believes -- against tuesday. today was the final day of business for fields pharmacy. since 1892, it has sold everything from cards to cosmetics. fields served its final customers. for some, it is bittersweet. 50 years of coming to one place. lunch, dinner, bringing my mother, my sister, the whole family. we have enjoyed this wonderful -- >> is a pike still institution. >> they displayed a sign banking customers for all of their years of support. i grew up going to fields. i am sad to see it go. great food.
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>> we have some rain. strong thunderstorms west of town. we will look at that. the last crop of summer. ocean city, 85 degrees. it was more crowded this morning. the high at the airport -- right now it is 88. inner harbor, 91.
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>> we are open through labor day. come on out. we have something for everyone. >> he is the president and general manager of the maryland state fair. officials hope to make up with big crowds this labor day weekend. there is something for everyone. one maryland staple drew quite a crowd today. can the international set up to break the record for the world's largest crab cake. it took 200 pounds of crab meat, eggs, seasoning. more than nine hours to cook. it was broken up and made into individual sandwiches. proceeds benefit the maryland 48 program. -- 4-h program.
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>> it was exciting. we saw it cooking. the lead,. it was great fun. >> the crab cake wait 305 pounds. it crossed the previous record of 253. -- ou're 11 and so whether your 11 weather. >> ran will be in the forecast. -- rain will be in the forecast. how were, carroll county. a line of thunderstorms moving to the south east. producing lightening. the warnings have been dropped. there is another storm coming up out of pennsylvania into northern frederick county. this is moving to the south east at about 15 miles per hour. we will keep an eye on this
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activity. thunder and lightning. this morning, we had isolated showers. there is what hit us this morning. here are the new storms coming in. that will be part of our evening. so far, we have had a trace. at the airport. that leaves us with nothing. we are below normal. by the end of the evening it will not be tough to get 11 hundredths of an inch. we got some sun for a while. record was 99 degrees. it was set in 1992. 84 degrees in easton. a five on the boardwalk. hagerstown, 81. in the 70's in the mountains.
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the moistures common and is coming from a cold front. it will move south. it is not wish her out of i -- is not moisture of isaac. this cold front will be stalling in the neighborhood. we expected to move to the south. some of the rain chances will go with it. this will be in the neighborhood all weekend. the moisture and unsettled environment from what is left of isaac will move along this boundary. we will be in that vicinity. our forecast remains with a chance of shower activity. there is tropical activity and the atlantic. kirk has dissipated. leslie is out here. it will not come for the u.s. mostly cloudy tonight. a light shower.
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a light thunderstorm early this evening. 69 to 7 the five is the overnight low. scoured showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. 80 to 85. the same forecast for ocean city. temperatures will be in a the's. rain chances both days. the chances will be up to about 60%. toward the middle of the week, the rain chances will taper off. the chance is there. keep an umbrella. >> we talked about the orioles. what a cool weekend. >> college football is on its way. a historic event. how the game action went.
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>> this is 11 sports. orioles fans i talked with have channel -- disappointed. it was a good start in the bronx for baltimore. he continued his assault on yankee stadium. that is his 18th home run of the season, third against the york. they had a three-nothing lead. derrick cheater -- derek yeter is there in a strike three.
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the bases are loaded. game tied at 3. the surprise shot to jj hardy. the winning run was in. it happens. showalter is still upbeat. >> it was a good game. i was proud. pedro made a gstsy pitch. we had some opportunities. they walked a lot of people. we added some tachyons. it was tough. >> tampa a game and a half back. the orioles series finale tomorrow. the nats is at toronto on monday. college football started at 9:00
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a.m. nutter dame and navy. in ireland. a sellout crowd. 30,000 americans there. first quarter, atkinson. look at him go. 56 yards. notre dame with a 13-0 lead. the navy started the second half as a good one. miller to lynch. that was the last of the offense. atkinson again his second score. 99 yards rushing. and incredible trip. 50-10 final. the terps opened up against women marry. -- william and mary.
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nice grab. we have a freshman quarterback, hill. he will capitalize. missed the receiver. that -- that set up a field goal attempt. 25 yards. why, left, never on target. six-nothing, william and mary. maryland on the board. marilyn, 7-6. morgan state against sacred heart. kicks off to tim little. there he goes. all of the way the other way. 72 yards, a touchdown. sacred heart is down 17-13. on target to ricki more. 20-17, sacred heart.
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quadruple overtime. tied at 27. morgan wins, 14-37. blue jays from a yard out. pounds his way in. seven-nothing lead. same score. on top of brandon cherry. and bounds. set up another score, 13- nothing, hopkins. cherry on the ground. takes a hit, keeps going. 20-0. final, 36-13, blue jays. final, 36-13, blue jays.
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>> this is an editorial. the first day of school signals a new beginning with anticipation for the school year. that was not the case for perry hall high school. a 17-year-old was shot and injured by a 15-year-old student. a means action by a guidance counselor perdue -- prevented further action. it appeared the school's emergency evacuation plan
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worked. the healing begins for the victim and stood in body -- p body.ali --erry hal students they share a concern for the victim and suspect. the 15 year-old was charged as an adult. it was not on the agenda. for the school or the new ceo. it is the reality. while gun ownership is a right. ownership comes with a
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